Immigration and Travel Advisory Services

    Immigration and Travel Advisory Services.


    If you are planning to live abroad and feeling confused about finding what to do? Finchley will help you. Our services include issuing you a passport along with travel visa and immigration. Normally, these services are pricey but if you prefer us, our guidance will help you save you a lot on traveling and immigration expenses.


    Our team understands your essential demands, and covers everything for you. We provide you services like lost or regeneration of visa, lost or renewal of passport, replacement of visas, first-time business tour visa, stolen passport, and further. Going abroad for business meetings or study is now smoother with Finchley’s advice.

    Legal Advisory Services

    Legal Advisory Services


    A legal advisory duty of Finchley involves helping those customers who are not able to access the court easily. These services include giving legal advice, forming drafts, or helping prepare a legal notice in favor or against a person.


    These are the following benefits that you can take from Finchley-

    Family lawyers & matrimonial disputes
    Finance & banking disputes.
    Property disputes
    Criminal cases
    Labour and employment disputes
    Media and business disputes
    Cyber crimes
    Consumer disputes
    Copyright disputes and more.

    Real Estate Advisory Services


    • Real Estate Advisory Services


    Finchley DC Nominee’s Ltd provides real estate consultations with the support of experts who not only handle the big projects but also help low budget clients find their dream property.


    We consistently provide the best solutions after seeing the market opportunities, client needs, and property value.

    Our focus lies in delivering the ideal apartments to clients that includes a personal visit to apartment location for trust and satisfaction reasons.

    Our team offers you property based on aspects like tax, accounting, legal queries, and more.

    Whether you want to buy an apartment, office building, or a commercial place, everything is advised pleasantly so you come back again with a smile.

    Training and Education Advisory Services

    Training and Education Advisory Services


    Our training and education advisory includes the coaching of school, college, and company professionals. We help individuals and companies realize their true potential and let them know how to invest wisely.


    Our innovative team will give you so many ideas that will help you generate profits in your educational institutions. Our advice will help you grow your schools, colleges, training institutes, and companies. You can use our guide to do schools evaluation, teachers' training, students' workshops, and educational events. As education is the door for growth and freedom, you can contribute positively to society by providing the right guidance to your followers.

    Foreign direct investment advisory services

    Foreign direct investment advisory services



    UK is known as the financial investment hub and we are one of the leading firms that offer world-class expertise and talent in terms of foreign investment advice. If you are a company and want to move to a foreign location, let us help you reduce the cost of moving at your desired location so that you can recruit organization staff more confidently. You can take help on foreign accountancy, legal matters, and professional services from our team. We have helped many organization move to a foreign location without having much trouble and they are doing great in the present times.

    Medical equipment and supplies advisory services

    Medical equipment and supplies advisory services


    We are the team that can help you in medical industries too. We provide you healthcare experts, medical apparatus, advice, and services that help you boom your medical business.

    There are times when you start a pharmaceutical business but you don’t know anything about its market. We help you sell your medicines and equipments to the right market. We help you plan, design, and manage the hospitals, medicines, and machinery.


    We do a full analysis of your hospital healthcare resources and help you plan, schedule, and install the right medical equipment for the betterment of your patients. We help you supply medicines in buildings, hospitals, medical shops, labs, and more.